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Continues on the Friday here: http://etherbox.lan:9001/p/vibes-friday
Continues on the Saturday here: http://etherbox.lan:9001/p/vibes-saturday
Notes of the final presentation here:

Working Session 21-06-18 - Thursday Morning
K onstantin, Laura, Matthias, Anja, Fanny, Maria, Marije, Rebecca - THE VIBES

"Touch, being touched and becoming (with-)in touch"

Friday morning plan
– different perspectives on touching
– what remains unthought and how it could be used creatively and critically
– start on the new vocabulary for extended mind & extended body (what remains unspoken)
– what we can do with the Taktaid and Lumo Lift
– vibrating mechanisms of control
– vibrations from within
– experimenting with sound and ASMR
– developing [and later contaminating] the protocol for slowing down & observation via visual, audial, and any other channels
reverse engineering and queering of technology / BUT gate

Inventory of what we bring to the table

Wearable and subj u gation (political, economical viewpoint); power structures and the use of devices to, for instance, influence behavior (imec)
How do we queer this?
Thinking about Testo Junky and the possibility of wearing a hacked or queered device in the way that Preciado finds testo gel on the dark web rather than going through the normal medical channels.

Philosophy & hacking practices, "becoming" and opening up practices.

media-art & creating tools; becoming the device/water kettle

Physical engineering, soun d and software design. Embedding knowledge into objects.

relational thinking how everything influences writes upon one another , creating, emerging power-relations a mean to survive , the norm is a blind spot.
Example: metronome synchronisation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v5eBf2KwF8
Cymatics Hans Jenny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05Io6lop3mk
ASMR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYcjSWQAOlw , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomous_sensory_meridian_response

Technology, media artist, wearbles. Intuition & somatics, empathic senses of objects. "Intensities" and the in-between.

K onstantin:
Speculative design / cybernetics & film. Interested in narrativity & becoming with / other. Naming, new vocabularies, both visual and li n guistic (to name only two)

Philosopher, differential and creative thought. Practical research with vibration device.       


Starting terms/concepts:
Body / New languages / New perspectives / New perceptions 
Queering / Hacking / doing / creative experiment
Critical power / risks

Marije has brought a vibration motor with 123 different ways of transferring information to the body through vibration.  
Haptics effects: http://etherbox.local/technology/effects_haptics_driver_drv2605.pdf

Mainly used in the military and health related realms. Information is transfered through warning signals = engineering perspective.
Use also in mobile phones, etc. But a lot of haptics research is based in military (non-verbal, non-visual information to soldiers), and alternative ways of providing information to the deaf and the blind. Device for Pilots to fly more savely (?)
Then there is also an increasing amount of artists who are using & exploring haptics: as cueing systems for (music/dance) improvisation, vibro-tactile feedback for digital music instruments, and exploring vibration/haptics as a new medium.

Questions (initial):
- What remains unthought in the functional usage (military and health) and how can we use this creatively (aesthetics) and critically (ethics)?
- What remains unspoken? (in relation to low frequencies e.g.)
- Which different bodies can we perceive of, feel and experience?
- Which bodily perceptions can we think of?          

- Sound, frequencies, harmonies, effects and affects.
- ASMR, tinitus, symbiotic interdependence 
- ageing as becoming
- ghost vibrations
- sonic warfare
- atmospheric qualities of (around) bodies
- development / creating of protocols


* enacting the power relationships:
    - using a similar device to the Lumo Lift, but then built of DIY technology (Sense/Stage MiniBee (incl. accelerometer) + haptics driver + motor)
    - reverse engineering how the Lift works
    - coming up with different ways of activating
    - analog way - pairs: one correcting posture of the other all the time


Sonic Warfare
Steve Goodman 2009
"It’s night. You’re asleep, peacefully dreaming. Suddenly the ground begins to tremble. Slowly, the shaking escalates until you are thrown off balance, clinging desperately to any fixture to stay standing. The vibration moves up through your body, constricting your internal organs until it hits your chest and throat, making it impossible to breathe. At exactly the point of suffocation, the floor rips open beneath you, yawning into a gaping dark abyss. Screaming silently, you stumble and fall, skydiving into what looks like a bottomless pit. Then, without warning, your descent is curtailed by a hard surface. At the painful moment of impact, as if in anticipation, you awaken. But there is no relief, because at that precise split second, you experience an intense sound that shocks you to your very core. You look around but see no damage. Jumping out of bed, you run outside. Again you see no damage. What happened? The only thing that is clear is that you won’t be able to get back to sleep because you are still resonating with the encounter. 
In November , a number of international newspapers reported that the Israeli air force was using sonic booms under the cover of darkness as “sound bombs” in the Gaza Strip."

Testo Junkie
"In this penetrating analysis of gender, Paul B. Preciado shows the ways in which the synthesis of hormones since the 1950s has fundamentally changed how gender and sexual identity are formulated, and how the pharmaceutical and pornography industries are in the business of creating desire. This riveting continuation of Michel Foucault's The History of Sexuality also includes Preciado's diaristic account of his own use of testosterone every day for one year, and its mesmerizing impact on his body as well as his imagination."
full text: https://archive.org/stream/PreciadoTestoJunkieSexDrugsAndBiopoliticsInThePharmacopornographicEra/Preciado+-+Testo+Junkie+-+Sex%2C+Drugs%2C+and+Biopolitics+in+the+Pharmacopornographic+Era_djvu.txt

Unthought: The Power of the Cognitive Nonconscious
N. Katherine Hayles 2017

K. Barad. What is the measure of nothingness?
Ontological indeterminacy, a radical openness, an infinity of possibilities, is at the core of mattering. How strange that indeterminacy, in its infinite openness, is the condition for the possibility of all structures in their dynamically reconfiguring in/stabilities. Matter in its iterative materialization is a dynamic play of in/determinacy. Matter is never a settled matter. It is always already radically open. Closure can 't be secured when the conditions of im/ possibilities and lived indeterminacies are integral, not supplementary, to what matter is. 

Becoming+radical openness+vibrant matter

# LUMO Lift:
Interesting is to read about the technology behind it. Not much revealed, but it gives a good insight:

Lumo® Intelligent Algorithms
Lumo® Machine Learning Engine
Lumo® Artificial Intelligence
Lumo® Big Data Management
Lumo® Identity Management Service

(Device that Wendy brought.)
From 1989. Vibrotactile translation of sound to two vibration motors.


Wearing it:
    - it seems the translation is very much one-dimensional:
    - energy in a lower spectrum + energy in a higher spectrum -> translated into a vibration that is just in one frequency to each motor
    - occasionally it seems the device is confused (could this be the noise adaptation/audio level adaptation?) and keeps vibrating

A lot of other vibration amplifier systems: https://abledata.acl.gov/indexing-terms/vibrotactile-amplification-system-0

system design:
refers to Tickle Talker: https://minerva-access.unimelb.edu.au/handle/11343/27291

Haptic displays


Special needs toys

e.g. the Vibrohug: http://www.specialneedstoys.com/usa/proprioception/vibration/vibrohug.html?search_query=vibration&results=37

The Sounds of IBM: IBM Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-FyH2A7Ed0
Ikea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLFaj3Z_tWw