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. collective inventorying of ideas of what's in the room:
[plans = problems]

Group: 'the vibes' : http://etherbox.lan:9001/p/the-vibes
The other table group:

re-languages of/for/from /within companionship and (sometimes:P) ownership
other semiotics for different relationalities
vocabularies, verbal forms, notation, inscriptions, encryptions, semantic (inter?)dependencies
Anthropomorphising companionship -- ownership [/property/possession] + powerstructures that come from it
(do I own the device? the operating system?) the data, the software...
["I"(issues of subjecthood)+"own"(issues of property)+"a" (issues of singularity/plurality)+"device(issues of apparatusness/technoecological issues)"] and ["I"+"own"+"you,"+"device"]  
"Your" computer / "my" computer & "your" body"/"my" body
[affects that are circulating when naming devices?]
the vernacular, the conversational, the mumbling...

Anthropomorphizing — saying "you" to the device.
Companies are interested in this; move towards this
Seeing faces in things (like cars - doesn't Deleuze talk about "facialization", or the tendency to make faces emerge out of objects?)


Reverse engineering machinic choreography
and the language they imply.
Live-coding. formats. writing livecoding through shared protocols, choreography.
pushing back and forth between languages.


Posse s sion and being posssssessed
[perhaps considering the possession / property / ownership link?]
hackers having more intimate/critical/deep relationship with a person's (?) pacemaker? ---> see up line 32: company models where all stakeholders are represented?
what type of alliances and intimate relations are possible (biohacking as both hostile and intimate)
what makes intimacy? 
how to do research with objects, not reproducing antropocentrism -- which are the appreciation devices that ourselves as researchers can use to become more horizontal?
+dispossession & the dispossessed
Future Homunculi /anthropomorphism of interface design
"the loving ai project"
interface that is teaching people how to be loving.. 
  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homunculus / https://factslegend.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/homunculus.jpg
what if anthropomorphism is inescapeable, how to rethink (re-love?) it as a critical tool?
aesthetics of touching?
jets of air... creating sensations of different surfaces.
co-dependency of looking for a vulnerable place ... acceleration ... 
being affected ... a machine that is radically open

Agency , Expertise and customisation of companions/pro s theses
    - by yourself
    - by others in consent (collaboration between an expert (opticien) and you) . But there is only one company! (although ... in direct response to this there is growth of "independent"/less corporate/monopolized companies - see for example "Warby Parker" and others.
    - by algorithms observing your behaviour ( where is the expertise? where is the consent? where is the transparency?)
[mass customisation, programmed on-demandness vs.? DIY/DIWO ethics]


The phenomena/hyperobject of encryption
Locks and keys and its relation (or lack of it) to content. 
Where did it originate? How do we get out from that accelerating process? 
Remark: the holy grail seems to be randomness? [ this might not stand long as quantum computation develops ]
administration .


(not-) shared lifespans of companies and devices
What happens to devices when companies disappear
interdepency + complicities?

partial reparability, recomposition, reconstitution,,,
Repairability --- intimacy
(right to repair)
significant relationships with objects leads to durability?
"appreciation devices": Hennion

(not-) shared lifespans of companies and devices -- what does that mean?
Is it just the device or an ecosystem (industry? economy? users? mediating caretakers?)


Obsolesence accelerator
How to recognise ageing processes
Ageing accelarator. 
what are the parameters of an ageing process? - geological/meteorological resonances of this.


A ccompanying instead of programming obsolescence/veroudering
user experience = human ageing 
[perhaps this can have a nice tension when placed together to the extreme antropocentrism of machine learning examples and discourses about learning, training, acquiring, supervising, non-supervising, etc?]
revising user-friendlyness and user-experiences (and assumption of HCI of able or typically-bodied/living/young? user). What would a (human?) aging-sensitive HCI look/sound/design like? Related to work on "thanatosensitivity" in HCI (i.e., design sensitivity to fact of user's death) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thanatosensitivity  


f*ck macaroni necklaces   c==c==c==o==O==o==ↄ==ↄ==ↄ
interdependent organisations and development
Are there different models thinkable for these kinds of companies, where all stakeholders have an equal (?) voice? (cooperatives between doctors, engineers, patients + family, caretakers)
-- ref Braidotti/Lloyd to be checked out
Example: De Brouwerij in Amsterdam. Doesn't look like a health-facility. members (compare this language with 'patients" or, in North America, "clients" of health care), family, patients, workers.
"mad studies" taking place in De Brouwerij - customized care practices that suit, for example, members who have background in academics. http://www.madstudies.nl/
maybe a strange idea: working with a machine but also with old people to teach video and editing software
notices a growing difficult to acquire and learn
recurring difficulty to keep learning  -- forgetting what you learned before over time (10-15 years)
how to make software that accompanies
[+metaphors not assumed: when the command "close the window" is not taken metaphorically at all, but rather moves a body across space towards a wall]
can software be designed to accompany older people (or aging people...)

ageing/elderly person and aesthetics/pre-assumed subject with specific practices, modes, manners, 
how to problematize the aesthetics of ageing / "seniority" without necessarily reject crochet and macaroni necklaces?  :) (nobody likes making macaroni necklaces, though. seriously, except the macaroni industry)
what other possibilities? (e.g. BDSM not only about leather; what are the opportunities here to texture, nuance, find the multiples?)

Eco-systems of solidarity. Cyborg / ageing companions [reframe, clarify a-symmetries].
multiple interpretations/translations of our worksession as a framework for this work (support robot/animals, etc)
three translations: multiple possibilities
clarify some asymmetries


Networked selves
Networked self, what is that? (ref. Quantified self?) - for critical view of these issues (digital-health focused, see Olivia Banner's "Communicating Biocapitalism" book - 2017) https://oliviabanner.org/
And about the network(ed) self?
The extended self --> reminds me of The Extended Mind by Andy Clark & David Chalmers
embodiment of technology
transformation of companionship: performativity of the protocols
Connecting waterkettles to the internet
a teapot to write code <3 


Becomings / Being-likes / empathy with (and the differences )
Connect to the waterkettle. What/how does it feel? --> reminds me of Thomas Nagel's essay "how does it feel to be a bat", in animal studies.+ Ian Bogost's "Alien phenomenology: What it's like to be a thing", in (suuuper super worrying) ooo + also von uexkull's 'what it is like to be a tick', joseph knierzinger's 'what it is like to be an elevator' (where to find this? http://observatory.constantvzw.org/tgsoguide_1806051351.pdf p.196 :) ) , PB's 'what it's like to be a scanner" (would like to have feedback? yes ) How to be a badger, artist who lived as badger + Thomas Thwaites' goatman

Empathy with the overhead projector
flat surfaces mirroring new kinds of worlds — connection to the "stomach"
[mirror as in reflecting? / what else as in diffracting? what even else?]
Developing a somatic exercise around it.


On touch
Work on touch  
(K. Barad: https://read.dukeupress.edu/differences/article-abstract/23/3/206/97723/On-Touching-the-Inhuman-That-Therefore-I-Am)  
Touching visions (Maria Puig de la Bellacasa): https://www.researchgate.net/publication/240504364_Touching_Technologies_Touching_Visions_The_Reclaiming_of_Sensorial_Experience_and_the_Politics_of_Speculative_Thinking
Jean Luc Nancy On Touching https://www.sup.org/books/title/?id=1773  
maybe an interesting reference: https://www.jstor.org/stable/10.5749/j.ctttsxrz — Erin Manning, Politics of Touch
David Parisi's Archaeologies of Touch: https://www.upress.umn.edu/book-division/books/archaeologies-of-touch

Touching protocol.
intriguing problematic — how do you touch? — Behaviour proceddures.
what is touching, what is touched, who is touched?
[+trust/consent tension?]
Feel as if you touch, but you are not touching vs. pacemaker trust/touch conflation
Codes of conduct for interdependent touching
How different agencies yes or no touch each others:
Reconnect with Eduard Marin

Screens with their own agency. Screen and skin. Physical and ... world? What is in-between.
[schemes with their own agency]

New words for new experiences of interdependency + speculate for the assembles / relations which are restricted or freed ;


Processing different inputs. Somatic practices. 
Exploring interdependencies
Injecting in the system. Morphing bodies. Discrepancy in ageing (between the injected machines and ourselves)


Ambient sociality
Intrusive technologies vs. distancing technologies (touch again?)
Vitality — expands human being;
Distance and being near - what that mean?
Lauren Berlant has some lovely work on ambient citizenship// affectspheres in cities and ambient sensoriums + public feelings :) - https://affectsphere.wordpress.com/list-of-keywords/
"let's get back to human touch" as a way to repair what is wrong in contempory healthcare.

ambient, that both is and is not about touching. touchy and not touchful.
[touch is partially about rejection?]
ambience as a vector of nuance, in contexts of ageing.
texture, ageing, de-othering.
enfuriating protocols of "making social" (fuck macaroni necklaces)
Different relationships, affects (ref. Braidotti), interdependence

When /where institutions do not work, are unaffordable. 
internet de las se ñ oras, healing powers of communities
mediating through/with technology. (companioships mediated through digital apparatus - instant messaging etc)
How to visualise the interventions and roads that present algorithms. Only talking through emoji? 
Communities as healing (woman gatherings) 
Care + community + security? - how to visualize this?


"Embracing a denser life"... this part to be distributed over other chapters
density under the banner of "embracing a better life" (slogan IMEC)
["embracing"+"a"(whose?)+"better"(under what regime of judge of good-bad?+"life"(as in bios, or as in zoe or as in collective or as in what?)]
limits of modes of critique.

Increasing efficiency. / the effects/ applications that drive the developemnts / controlling behaviour.
[in relation to the semiotic-material]
From stopping to smoke to flowing a city.
"algorithmic density"/ ["algorithmic thickness"]
"algorithmic otherness" -- interesting object of thought, but how does it intervene in the IMECs of this world?
The self-care mandate: to be a good citizen (health as ideology/ideological/ideal) - see essays in Metzl and Kirkland's "Against Health"

semiotic-material density: notations, encryptions, descriptions , namings, inscriptions, 
a density not only projected towards the future, but with a certain past


Deregulating wearables + wearing deregulation
habit - potential for queering, esp. as regards conventional (pre-assumed) thinking about old age as a process of habit, restfulness, resistance to change, etc
devices keep you in comfort ie. not transforming, the same. 
how medical wearables intervene in the 'cycles of life', how to queer that type of relations
deregulating wearables [+wearing deregulation] :-)
[reminds of "a life out of catalog, of the collective "en torno a la silla" od DIY and DIWO selfmanaged/autobuilt stuff for otherwise embodies others]<- https://entornoalasilla.wordpress.com/
gait analysis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gait_analysis - esp. as means of identifying pathologies (of aging, of embodiment, etc... surveillance potential here)
embodied movement / what is a shifty movement?
(reference maybe of interest: https://www.movementcomputing.org/ / https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3077981&picked=prox)
habit and habitat
dwelling-ageing relation
Seda: " tea POTs: the revolution will not be optimized?" https://arxiv.org/abs/1806.0271 1
Alvin Lucier --Nothing is Real for piano,amplified teapot, tape recorder and miniature sound system. http://www.alvin-lucier-film.com/nothing.html
intimacy and how it is sliding through devices
privacy, security, property, intimacy...terms were merging in IMEC

how to make visible the invisi bi lity of the data? (the magic of this)
"keys" to guess what is inside of the blackbox;

spiritual possession and hacking of pacemaker - old beliefs meet new technology (pacemaker as meeting point of ancient and new/future)
macrame decorated with gold painted macaroni -- living in /as /becoming a faraday sausage?


Sssssss z pacetime mattering
Shocked by lenses and devices at different scales. Effects we produce on to each other
scale -- leaving the scale of the entity and go into the matter of the matter itself
(solidarity across scales)

scale, not everything on the same levels
solidarity beween interdependent scales - what are interdependencies between different scales?
scales of time/ size/ ... not just through co-presence, but also if not present.

interdependency as not-only co-presence / invisibility
+[on timescale: the powers of death ] composting,
nanotechnology, shrinking
necrotechnology, dying [killing]
scale and density of problematicity:P
Density in relation to matter. 
on the depth of death / cyborg lives as always already composting : death is not a fast event


XiXC literature + geological thinking about geologic life test[¿?]

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Re-doing the Monday afternoon workshop
(on Saturday for example) - encountering different kinds of strangeness/ otherness

A second reading session (on saturday)
connecting with/to reading

Saturday 14:00-16:00 

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