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Activitiy// Practice//Explorations

BIG PICTURE:  How to recognise ageing - how is aging made recognizable as a vector that traverses multiple realms (human, digital, technological, ect). Matter as a way to create other socialities - how to make research, how to think about cyborg companions through engagements with matter. What follows are project clusters that in some way respond to this prompt.

& also: diffracting as touching a stream/wave of information (affecting it, interrupting the flow, provoking difference,  : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b7/6a/cc/b76accddeed0b028a4e863d01a4547cd.jpg
version control, forking...

Different proximities -- situatedness of touch

situatedness of touching / "touch" is not a universal, and thereis a key issue with agency and its distribution when considering each "touching" situation...

Touch leaving behind a cartography
looking as tactile, or with tactile potential
medical categories of touching / not considered 'touching' x-ray, ultrasound, etc

Layers -- ageing as losing connection

is aging of people an effect of injury or loss of various layers? (think of IMEC's mltiple layers of chip building) - in medicine, is touch an injury? (sometimes)

the human 'unit' that is touching
Touching = Moving /affecting ... create a significative difference / transformation / displacement

Vectors of difference (useful categorizing)

macaroni configuration <---> obsolescence accelerator as poles of figuration for aging.

aging body, device, or practice? another vector of interest or sifting.

Ageing body is the occasion for thinking about how these info gathering technology perhaps fits closer with

What body is not ageing..  -- Understanding ageing as a transveral 

Skin of the machine, as time the screen has less colours, fading colours, loosing pixels, the screen is already going down, expression lines, like indgienous tatoos on to skin.. sense of ageing as writing the story in the bodies... if someone cuts you it becomes present in the body
[[About SKIN: Paul Valery's poem: "The deepest thing in man is the skin. The skin is the surface that others see or touch; it is a presentation of the self to others. And that is where we believe, feel and suffer everything that happens to him. As if this were the great organ of sensibility"]] [skin is also the largest structure in the body]
"the touching comm u nity": on AIDS, dying and the origins of contact improvisation: https://vimeo.com/231203886
Wrinkles/aging skin as sign of resistance, of touch, of impression
The woman who doesn't smile: https://www.wowamazing.com/lifestyle/health-appearance/woman-never-smiled-to-avoid-wrinkles/ <- she does not cry neither?
on touching -- affect but not only in the goodist sense: touch implies rejection 

Is ageing and the ageing body.. the primary consideration
Or is it the occasion for working around the ageing body.. 

ageing as a lens to see through this :
embracing -- a -- better -- life
IT companies embracing life // life-forms embracing a better life

clean room clean air making skin very dry.. ( the clean room as obsolence accelerator )
atmospheric sucking out cheeky moment . regulation of humidity and temperature as the technique for slowing down of 'ageing' for certain objects ( how does it translates to forms of life? )   - humidity protects against human aging (its symptoms, anyway - wrinking) but some dryness is required for curation of 
Fernando Dominguez -> http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1359183515624128?journalCode=mcua   

how to make research, relate to each other's methods.

Do conductive materials produce different results?
Does temperature make a difference?
Possible Methods:
    1. cummulative, small-scale experiments
    2. speculative thought experiments - envisioning of "solutions" such as systemic rejuvenation
    3. documentary 

What are we measuring / what are the outcomes?
-1st step: registering affect --> illusion of automatic transferrance / assumptions of otherness stay as a trap
- 2nd step: diffraction and displacement --> to let oneself be affected by another 

Scope of envisioning based on embodiment / ageing

Proposition for the accompanying rather than programming of technology / unsupervised (lifelong) learning // Question of design software ?
continues on http://etherbox.lan:9001/p/queering_interfaces