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.comes from

the body as our first technology

queering interfaces/ jubilada y jubilosa

1 *AMIGAS [SEÑORAS HACKER] *hardware interfaces
from the perspective of taking alternative roads or solving problems with things 
unfold connections that remit on the shapes and ideas that come to reveal the decisions from whom designed the phisical interfaces
algo acerca de interfaces http://blog.robertelder.org/interfaces-most-important-software-engineering-concept/
terror https://www.pcmag.com/feature/338750/7-software-interfaces-that-give-me-nightmares/4

2 * more indicators
- electric kettle with a kettle whistle
[as the kettle with a whistle was maded to anounce the end of the boiling]

3 * soft- error *software interfaces
- miscomunication betwen devices- error advices
anxiety that it produces in less technical people

4 *animita computer
- people from tolouse writing on twitter with a minitel https://france3-regions.blog.francetvinfo.fr/numerique-midi-pyrenees/2016/10/11/insolite-des-toulousains-utilisent-twitter-sur-un-minitel.html
- dead printers funeral

pacemakers and rotten apples 

- pacemakers as a way to force to function properly/politics of the heart
fighting against aging http://raadfest.com/
botox implants

6* round data
- internet's wire mandala, cds,  hard disc, maya calendar

visualize the circulation of the meanings

7* antropomorphic
* smart son
* iron mouse- una plancha para gente q le tiembla la mano
* angry old people
* screen as the skin of the computesr

The looks like project

time legacy
if you can learn is not a problem

****** BACKLOG

- exposing a señora's algorithm
- amiga que hacker
*QUIERO Que me vean
- granny selfies
- wikisenses
- mature woman say: no, i don't use technology

antique site http://digitalis.pamal.org/FR/prevfr.html#
metodología de preservación de tecnología  http://digitalis.pamal.org/FR/prevfr.html#