Notes of the final presentation - Saturday 23/6/18 14:22

Setting: 4 testpersons, video recoding (K.) programming (Mar), Notes (R), participants (A, Mat, L, F), public standing in circle

- Marije explains the set up (including beamer with programme); we recreated the Lumo-lift, with the aid of marije's open source technologies. She explains the graphs that are projected and how she weorked on the software. 
We replicated the data from the lumo lift (posture), then we changed the programming and use the data in different manners.

- The experiment is going on now:
    1. when three people have the same posture that is the right posture. There are 4 people in the space receiving vibrations that indicate they need to change their posture. If everybody starts moving there will be no right posture .
     - the question is who is wearing the devices? The public is looking around and checking people of the group. The people have been identified. 
     - One participant comments that the device isn't working.
    2. A second alogrithm works on the basis of deviating form the norm: if one out of 4 is different that becomes the desired position.. 
    - A memebr of the pblic comments that there's a privacy thing going on. We comment that there's no way of getting to the data of the Lumo Lift; yet when studying the documentation on the Lumo website. there it is stated that they have millions of hours of data. This indicates that they do gather it from the people. Here, we show the data.
  3. Taking the avarage of everybody's posture and that becomes te target.

  - For each of the alogrithm the programme 'stops' when the wearers remain still for some time.

  Some titles:
  Normative [needs info Marije]
  Invisible Body Language (doing the experiemnt blind-folded)

  Software is super....
  Data-gathering software
  All open source

  Anja shows the printed manifest
  Laura plays the computer voice version of the Manifesto
  Fanny explains the recording of the manifesto and how she will distort the voices using a programme intended to correct rythms (for drummers) for voices something strange happens.
  Rebecca takes notes, Konstantin records. Fanny plays the recordings of Anja's slowing down workshop, explaining that there are three different models used. Someone mentions it is disciplining Anja.
  Fanny explains that instead of the military of medical use of vibrations to control masses or situation we wanted to use them aesthetically and ethically
  Matthias explains the waterkettle experiment and demonstartes it by lying down on the floor in the waterkettle position (belly to the floor, head, hands and feet upwards)and tells the story behind it. The public laughs in a friendly manner. Matthias reads the story about how we have become waterkettles due to low social credit's system. We need to comply with the user's needs and get into the waterkettle position when the user ants to. If one performs one gains a point. A kettle needs 250 points in order to become a microwave.

Rebecca explains that 'the unthought' don't stop here and will continue sharing working and thinking