Thomas Kallstenius, IMEC

a strange animal

Leuven is in the middle of US and Japan  ("neutral ground")

"organising research as a business"
nanoelectronics+digital technology

Application domains: smart health, mobility, cities, industries, energy (all 'smart')
no military, no finance. 
Seda: You don't develop applications at IMEC?
Prototypes, application prototypes (no services)
application drives the hardware reqquirements?

75 different nationalities;

"research excellence attracks people"
'money helps the growth' (or: to grow?)
For the reason of research.

[what 'competitor' is this? missed the reference]
1/3 industry, 1/3 government, 1/3 ?

apple does not want to be on a confidential slide (or wants thy to know that they dont want to be on a confidential slide)
maybe upside down?

"we paid a lot of money for this video so it better works"
how can you get semiconductor technology more and more dense? imec.

"the clean room" 
Machine learning enabled through emerging memory architectures.
"neuromorphic hardware"

The chip that learns. Super cool and it works.
machine learning in hardware
the analogy meter is exploding
Supervised learning to build the circuits
Worlds lowest power self learning neumorphic chip.
low-energy machine learning systems on hardware. current machines are not optimized to do that type of processing. now imec is working at hardware based machine-learning.
"you can have machine learning in completely new places"

Bezel-free sensing / actuating
haptic feedback 
(I am getting bit keyword dizzy)
("it actually works" - x2)

multi sensor band checking blood what? carefully calibrated to an individual.

"Howard Hughes Medical Institute" - is this the filmmaker/director Howard Hughes? Weird resonance, anyway...
'would be good to just put an eeg on a brain and see it is damaged.. but now you can't. but now with nihon kohden's mobile EEG you can.'

'dna-sequencing on a chip'??
different types of blood analysis on-chip.

"getting rid of depression""the dream is to be able to read" (the brain - create a closed loop using neuroprobe)
by sticking in a needle with lot of sensors
optical stimulation? 'you can put light in your brain' ??

"digital phenotyping" (eating disorders, smoking, "active lifestyle", stress management) --> are stock images the ground zero for digital phenotyping? ;)
manage stress,

'it is not easy to change behaviors, even if we understand it'
Digital phenotyping.

on-chip radar for computer-driven cars.
maybe good for the late-afternoon office

'personal identification is possible using radar' - gait identification (arm+leg movement)
does he mean this is a feature? 'applications drive the hardware development' so i guess so.

'city of things' (antwerp)
street lights are not really 'aware' now.. but they will be.

'imec, embracing a better life'

who decides what is desirous behavior, what does it mean when industries decide, does it mean behaviors with financial interest?

auto-integrity? oh. a lot of ...

a lot of integrity in what imec do. but due to having to work with a lot of different parties.

ethics and trust
policy-oriented research happens in bruxelles, policy center.

Seda: How to manage information flows between companies working with you (3500 researchers)
"shared intellectual property" model - you do work here, you share.
the ip model is
'it is a bit like the mit media lab' 

Imec: not "patent trolls"

Sometimes you need freedom to operate in the future, so you need to find (file?) a patent.