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. notes from monday, june 18th:

collective notes:

1)crossed interviews (4min per person):

Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Brussels
http://www .

DJ wendy until 2004
was working as a dj! :)
working with constant now, with textile and electronics, 'all things hardware'.
now teaching too, working together.
interest in protocols, not only in terms of tecnology and techniques, including lifeforms..
animals, small humans, plants, etc -- sensibility for co-habitation
co-habitation of different life forms;

Constanza, Santiago de Chile
technology as stars in the sky
people making constellations with those stars;
intuition, using devices as a way to take care
as a way to be connected through the space;

Zoumana Méïté, Brussels
(performing on saturday)
we were receiving lots of informations, our receivers are open! Connections through technology, and spritual. Mediums and ghosts. Translating information that passes through your body in words and images. All information you can perceive.
He works/worked as an actor, wants Brussels to be a quiet place.

Rebecca Louise Breuer, Amsterdam
from Amsterdam, teaching philosphy in technical University; background in fashion and bodies; moved to sensor technologies;
How to think about sensors and techniques related to the body — not only make the tools but think about them in a critical way.
Frogs? What?! :-)
[non-sensical fact about herself?]

Anne-Laure Buisson, Brussels
Was working with an NGO, through which got to know constant.. working now in research and administration, doing statistics.
Does statistics. Sees the human stories in statistics..
different perspectives entwined with the human perspective.
(statistical) Data is like irish potatoes! you dont know when the mildew will come :)

Andrea Charise, Toronto
trained as medical researcher in geriatrics. 
also english literature -- feminism through there!
has an artistic practice that informs the scientific methodology.
digital metaphors and ageing. There is potential in art-practice.
D igital sound work as a medium.

Joana Chicau, Rotterdam
Lives in Rotterdam, from Portugal. Finished Media Design. Has participated in several Constant events/worksessions. She enjoyed the collaborative process, it is most important to the worksessions even more maybe than the themes/topics.
she i s a choreographer considering ch o reography as not just about moving the body, but
 about organising thought and knowledge through choreography
re-dancing. who choreographs who and who choreographs what
live coding, and composition of images through programming
personal interest in digital work

Anja Hertenberger, Amsterdam
Her age ... she said '48'.  Chronology limits what it means to age/how aging is conceived
Daily life techno-ecologies: computer, email, word, excell, photoshop, mandely, illustrator, embroidery ...
Declared herself as a collector
of books, pdfs, about theory of technology, phenomenology, body movement..
organizes teachings, workshops, where her art practice enters too.
interested in language as the first technology. and what is before this first technology?
affects. critical about sensing technology and their capacity to measure. "we are losing our own intuitions" But who is "we"? (the atmospheric 'we' — all playing a part of the affective conditions )

Jara Rocha, Barcelona/Brussels
33 but feels like 34 :)
A lot of things changed around her 30s. : a big loss/death
trained as a 'humanist'
Medialab Prado, Brussels.
Collaborates with others. Discussing language through poetry
busy with critical pedagog, and researching bodies in the Possible Bodies!   http://possiblebodies.constantvzw.org
here-now coordinates
non-identitary politics
la langue
umgangssprache - everyday language (non-specialist?) - colloquial /vernacular?

Fanny Zaman, Antwerpen
Printmaking is not enough, so bought a computer 1996
HISK. studying and working in forms of installation interested in how space/architecture influences humans  
joined a.pass --storytelling voice sound
being trapped in the film-industry
interest in working through different media. Looking for peers, while liking to do things herself.
Would like to work on contemporary forms of heteromation. Inspiration: Critical reflection on content manager facebook Tender membranes / tere membranen
tissues / tender membranes

Peter Westenberg, Brussels
"time flies when you work with Constant"
Likes to set up collaborative situations. Trained as a visual artists; how to do practice without 'taking things away'. Works at KASK.
Autonomous artist interested in groups and representation of groups; photography

Femke Snelting, Brussels
educated in t he heydays of dutch design -- which says something about "dutch design now"
interested in technical processes and protocolos
open source s oftware — virtuosity and clumsy while using certain tools and how that affects the gra p hic results.
de geuzen
'indirect love' for hardware, via wendy
relationshio between artistic practice and software
also doing lots of organization work: spreadsheets
consequences of 3D modelling: Possible Bodies, cross with the worksession topic

Marije Baalman, Amsterdam
very diverse but very coherent actually
does 2things: short explanation: 1)making things and 2)design processes
material wise: sensors, interaction, sound, bodies and space
comes from academic training in applied physics, ended up in acoustics
mathematically formulate a process
likedto write storiesand got involved in live-role-playing (LARP)
interest in critically think about technologies of quantified self - the non-normative body
"rott ing sound": potential of digital degradation in digital sound

Konstantin Mitrokhov, Basel
Mathematics and cybernetics =russian definition of computer sciences
At 20, decided this was not the way to go!
freelance photographer + critical theory, philosophy...
at 26 got the bachelor's degree
then back to Moscow
weekends working on his own work.
double lifes you can have in one life
"the new normal"
return to the cybernetics. non-human. A lens-based media artist.

Riek Sijbring, Amsterdam
riek is from amsterdam, started working as nurse.
then she went to art school, rietveld
theatre making
theory and collaborative ways of working..
Jan van Eyck Academy. Double life 2. De Geuzen started
Training people how to live with technology, life support devices.
helping people to adapt
now: psychiatry.  non-invasive forms of therapeutic intervention, arts-based
the eldest here :)

Lionel Broye, Saint Quentin la poterie
lionel artist and teacher, theaches media archeology in lyon.
media archaeology at the school of arts
'arts and preservation'. pays attention to the context of when an art piece was created.
flipped apple on Mac pc/ orientation of the apple
type machine: N ietzsche 's writing ball: not seeing outcome
pamal media lab.  (pas mal = not bad)
Brazilian artist (name?) - electronica poems
Minitel is in the room!
works on Kittle r, translating in French

Claudia Borges, Rotterdam
I am Claudia Borges. I am very old
no t a doctor -- not a doctor's secretary
not old
connection between innuit people / dolphin dreams?  
Inuit people dream about dolphins and they think they are connected . The Inuit believe a whale allow a whaler to kill it for food, but only if the whaler is an ethical person and will deal with its body in a thoughtfull and respecttful way. For this reason, they make art for the whale.
The research is about what the aging whale teaches the old Inuit about aging and dying.

Matthias Pitscher, Berlin
homeless: moving from one place to other
probably based in Berlin for 6 months
topics where identities and (family) backgrounds
using a nickname from childhood in artwork
what does it mean to be authentic/al
issues with governments, sticking to each other
national identity and dynamics of closedness
comes from graphic design studies
contemporary art piece --participation of the public

Donatella Portoghese, Brussels
From Portugal, or actually from Italy.
last name is portugues, altouhh she is italian
pirate ancestors! :-P
Likes to work with and for artists
financial caretaker in Constant
living in BXL for 13 years
working in a supermarket, interested in how italian immigrants arrive, live in Brussels
not-so-nice atmospheres of commercial galeries
always wanted to work in a museum but it never happened

[ i n t e r n e t c h e c k ]

Kristin Neidlinger, US / NL
from the US and currently based in the netherla n ds
camouflaging (wearing orange...)
work revolts around body sensorial practices
working with autist kids, as a business parallel to her research .. maybe that is why she is in Europe? , University of Twente
wear-a-bles , extim a c y -> http://nosubject.com/Extimacy
part of the health industry <- in contact with (it can not be spoken about, NDA)

Martino Morandi, Brussels
Amsterdam, Brussels, Italy
Works with the data system of the library (of the Rietveld )
social implications of technology
never sure what he wants for Xmas??
3D printing project: pictures of 3D printed objects, re-printed


Azahara ubera Biedma, Brussels/Madrid

[ES/BE] is an independent researcher, dancer and choreographer that inhabits in the liminal spaces of dance, contemporary art and activism.
One of her ongoing research is called Manada. Manada is a tool-box of methodologies that is activated with different groups and situations, in exhibitions and in hybrid spaces to create and collaborate in the creation of collective knowledge through a technological, transfeminist and posthumanistic approach to the body, the use of gestures, voice and in conversations. 

Blanca Callen, Barcelona

Laura Benitez, Barcelona

Maria Dada, Durham

Helen Pritchard, London

Emile Devereaux, Brighton
University of Sussex · Centre for Material Digital Culture

Gregor, Brussels


nice materials trat came out during the "affected bodies" practice:::

Helen Keller

Amanda Baggs

-- materials from introduction workshop