Eduard Marin

Why would someone want to hack an implant?

From clean room into muddy waters

the patients body ...

Helen Pritchard 


house of rats mice and other critters used in research --> part of cyborg companionship
hidden critters of environmental sensing

cyborg companionship that is unspoken

a queer intervention in environmental computation

into the practices of measurement, sensing and other calculation of the 'environments'. ( until smart cities..)

computation infrastructures which encompasses human man and non humans

endurance of non-humans -- ref ageing companions

being held in endurance by computation
becoming-with computational infrastructures

how... the developing otherwise of sensing?
Elisabeth Pav... ?

challengin the linear modes of transmission
not a tidy vessel
messy - feral - explorations

Puar, 2007.

ethnographic & especulative engagements towards the environmental living sensors

living sensors
genetically engineered critters that are used to sense water, air, etc..

critters on a chip - example of an aging (enduring?) tech/cyborg companion 1997! - enduring subjects held in place by computation
Used in Bio remediation 
microbial sensors are already integral parts of infrastructure..
because bacteria were cheaper than components

microbes figured into computation

Haraway's work on companion species -- first, work on oncomouse -- the glamourous example. Critter chips are less spectacular, and enduring

environmental computer reaching a
world-making scale -- participation of non-human animals in non?knowable ways

what the positives are about the employment of critters in these entanglements/

think about the agency of crittersin an entanglement

as Lauren Berlant-- slow down and consider what's going on here...

on the verge of wearing out, other things might take place. Non-profit experiments (a la Braidotti).
held in place by computation. injury of computation -- thinking about critter chips in state of injury: nt as violence that leads to instat death, but still injury, enduring injury

enduring injury

"Bioreporters" on agar plug.

"mobile digestivecomputing"(chips in bee bellies?)

considered safe for some, not for others

cyborg imagery of the 90's: antenaes, robot, gobblers of toxic waste...
e.g., Ropaki (sp??) - shows a check mockumentary on a flourishing critter on a toxic landscape --- but interdependent on pollution
Critters exist thanks to toxic pollution
Not just co-flourishing -- 

think about injury, damage, toxicity --- queer revolt: to think about perhaps staying with some of those troubles?

staying with those troubles: punk politics. Personal injury, damages that are shared. 
Humans and non human entanglements.

emphasis on damage: tension with a tendency to resist damage and affirm a queer existence <3
tension with need to affirm a queer existence. 

critter chip exists because it can express its injury as a computer-legible signal
Lynn Margulis: bio signaling 

what might entities be oriented towards something, already

how might it be to open up a different kind of ethics that affirms
Opening up  beyond traditional modes of care and love.
 The narcissism of use.<- "my" use of the companion , 'you'.
what other relation than use? how to switch the ground to think about the orientations differently?

critter compiler
exploits the heat gtenerated by the running of programs, running a machine learning network. the heat is used by an algae to proliferate. who in turn write a novel.!

algae proliferation- a novel writing machine
recursive creative heat production

speculate about how we might freely activate these relations with critters

always-already proceeding towards a harm for capital /// punk solidarity: promoting its growth

lot of the microbial interactions dont have anything to do with us.

freer relations: how miht they be?

non-profit oriented experiment

Christian Bok's microbial poems - the Xenotext

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