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This excercise is a reenactement of becoming a waterkettle.
To become an electric kettle first you have to understand it's c i rcu i try. 
For this I prepared a circuit diagram and flow chart. Inspired by Joseph Knierzinger 'how to become an elevator'.
The embodiement of this circuit is a simple excercise:
You lie down on your stomach, close your eyes and try to remove your senses of the world. 
Whenever the user activates the device you lift your head, feet and hands a few centimeters of the floor.
This contracts your muscles and generates heat, as if energy is runnig through a resistor.

Also I created a little scenario so that the participants know how they got there and consider their motivations.
[Friendly computer voice]
Welcome to your digital afterlife!
Your physical body has deceased and will soon be burned.
Fortunately your brain was digitized before and you will live on indefinetely.
Unfortunately I will have to let you know that your social credit system is -1248.
You were not aligning with the societies principals, which is why you will live on as a water kettle. 
As a water kettle you have to listen to your users needs.
Whenever the user is activating you, energy will run through your system until steam touches your thermostat.
Then you switch off and wait for activation again.
You will have no other sense of the world.
You can improve your agency and senses in your next life.
Every time you perform good enough you will gain 1 SCS point.
You only need 248 points to become a Microwave!
Embrace a better life.